One hundred years are not one hundred days and EMPRESA DE NAVEGAÇÃO MADEIRENSE (ENM) is proud to complete more than a century of existence.



During the year of 1907 – in the beginning of the 20th century – still under monarchical rule, with a decade to go to the beginning of The Great War, one Madeiran with a bold spirit, realized that Madeira Island was in need of a regular transport (at the time it would be more or less regular …) between the Island and the capital of the Kingdom.
João Martins da Silva at 18th of May of that year, registered in the Port authority of the Funchal under the name of “Senhora da Conceição”, the schooner "Esperança" that he had meanwhile acquired.


Senhora Da Conceicão


Painting of the schooner “Senhora da Conceição” (1907-1917), first ship to integrate the ENM’s fleet.
in Empresa de Navegação Madeirense 1907-2007, 1907-2007, Luís Miguel Correia, page 9, image 09.


Although she wasn’t registered under the Company’s name, she is still to this day regarded as the first vessel of Empresa de Navegação Madeirense.


The first ship rightly registered as being owned by E.N.M, was named "Funchalense" (I) in 1927. The formely named "Everhard” was the first motor ship in Funchal – Lisbon route.


Funchalense 1907


FUNCHALENSE photographed sailing out of the south coast of Madeira Island.
in Empresa de Navegação Madeirense 1907-2007, Luís Miguel Correia, page 29, image 35.


From “Senhora da Conceição” up to "Funchalense (I)" several other ships were part of the company’s fleet. The schooner "Senhora do Monte", former “EC Lyon" (1912), and the two masted vessel "Ilha da Madeira" former "Palma" (1926).
Shortly after, the vessel "Madeirense" (I) (former "Cimbria" and “Grinpen”)  is commissioned and registered under the Empresa de Transportes do Funchal name (sister company of ENM).  This marks the beginning of a tradition that endured throughout the autonomous existence of the ENM and ETF - ships with the name "Madeirense" were registered on behalf of the ETF and others baptized as "Funchalense" were registered by ENM.


Porto do Funchal


Port of Funchal in the early 1940s, with MADEIRENSE alongside Pontinha and GORGULHO of Parceria Geral de Pescarias next to her bow.
in Empresa de Navegação Madeirense 1907-2007, Luís Miguel Correia, page 34, image 41.