FAQS – Questions

Which are the itineraries that ENM operates?

ENM operates between the ports of Caniçal, Lisbon, Leixões and Porto Santo.

To transport a vehicle between the Madeira and Portugal mainland, which are the necessary steps?

You must contact the agency in the port of origin, to ensure the space reservation on the ship. Supply a copy of the vehicle registration document and the details of the designated persons responsible for delivering and picking up the vehicle upon arrival (tax identification number, full name, residence and telephone contact). On arrival, the destination agency will provide the BL document, which will allow the vehicle discharge in the port.


Where can I pay the service?

Both in the origin and destination agencies, but please bear in mind that electronic methods of payment are not available in the agencies. Electronic bank transfers are allowed.

Wich are the business hours of the agencies?

Monday to Friday, from 09:00-12:30 and 14:00 às 18:00

Does the sea transport of vehicles includes insurance?

No. The vehicle follows on the deck at the risk of the owner of the vehicle. It is possibile to hire an insurance of transport, on a third party insurance company.

Can I transport any belongings inside the vehicle?


The vehicle is transported inside a container or at the deck?

ENM provides both services.

Can the vehicle be transported with a full fuel deposit?

We advise our Clients to deliver the vehicle with the minimum fuel possible.

There are types of cargo that cannot be transported?

No. There some types of load that are considered as dangerous, and that have particular proceedings. These can be identified in the IMO list provided by the IMDG link: http://www.imo.org/blast/mainframe.asp?topic_id=158