The celebrarion of the 100th Anniversary of Empresa de Navegação Madeirense makes us very proud indeed.


A genuine pride in two senses: the pride of being the MADEIRENSE and a feeling of satisfaction for serving MADEIRA well. This pride translates into the demanding challenge to surpass the achievements of our first century.


We have been totally committed to serve well MADEIRA and our Country ever since MADEIRENSE first went to sea in 1907. Today we are a reference in the Portuguese shipping sector: the eldest active shipowner, thanks to our many dedicated crew and staff members, whose efforts over the years have contributed to keep our company on the right course; to all those concerned i wish to pay my respects and tribute in recognition of their efforts.


If shipping is considered a strategic activity in global terms, its importance only grows when geared to serve MADEIRA, an Autonomous Region formed by small peripheral islands totally dependent from eficiente regular shipping services. To provide such services to MADEIRA has been the first reason in our existence of 100 years. A century over which we have had to deal with many critical situations associated to the provisioning of our Region at times when MADEIRENSE was the only company left to provide vital shipping services to MADEIRA.


We can not forget in our collective memory such difficult periods as the two world wars, the post-25th of April of 1974 and the 11th March 1975, when Portuguese shipping was on the verge of bankruptcy and social unrest. We had to work hard to avoid letting our shipping routes into a standstill in order to keep going with exports and the import of goods. Today Madeira is an Autonomous Region with an impressive development rate, full of opportunities and with a dynamic entrepreneurial environment very diferente from what existed in the past. MADEIRENSE is part of this prosperous setting.


Belonging to the Sousa Group, and one of the main subsidiaries in a strategy of global logistics, contributing decisively towards better productivity and efficiency to the satisfaction of our customers.

Dr. Luís Miguel Sousa

Luís Miguel Sousa

CEO of Grupo Sousa