Funchalense 5
Madeirense 3
Madeirense 2006
Navio frigorifico WALILI
Funchalense 1998
Pico Grande
Pico Ruivo
Madeirense 1974
Funchalense 1968
Funchalense 1953
Porto do Funchal
Funchalense 1907
Senhora Da Conceicão

Empresa de Navegação Madeirense is the oldest shipping company in Portugal, operating since 1907.


Empresa de Navegação Madeirense ensures the regular transport of goods between Madeira Islands and Portugal mainland, connecting the ports of Caniçal, Porto Santo, Lisbon and Leixões.


With 25 ships in its history, in 2010 the fleet is modernized with the acquisition of freighter ship Funchalense 5, that constitutes the biggest and most modern unit in the history of the company. This marks a relevant positive step in the current context of the Portuguese merchant navy which is undergoing a readjustment process both in the amount of ships and ship-owners.